The cactus’s spikes are daunting and even daunting to touch. This distinctive posture has become the inspiration for the high-end jewellery brand Cartier. This year, Cartier’s new Cactus de Cartier jewellery series made a bold breakthrough, revealing the warm and chic exotic cactus. In particular, the designer put away the sharp spikes, embellished with dew and flower buds, adding a bit of tenderness to the collection, showing the beauty of the gorgeous flowers. Cactus de Cartier has three collections, including A Flower without Spikes, Desert Beauty and Rebellious Flower. Flower of life! Cartier’s new Cactus de Cartier jewelry collection A Flower without Spikes This collection is the most lively and beautiful design of the three designs, emerald green, green chalcedony, carnelian and diamonds simulate the three-dimensional cactus and flower buds Replica Cartier Love Bracelet , presented on bracelets, earrings and rings. Just looking like a three-dimensional sculpture, worn on the wrist or in the fingertips, it is a unique and unique jewel, sparkling in the movement. Cartier has always been at the forefront of the times, with enthusiasm to show extraordinary ideas, and then lead the fashion trend. As early as the 1970s, full of enthusiasm, the freedom of the wind swept through New York, Cartier followed this trend of freedom, full of yearning for it, and obsessed with its charm, the affected people can not be right, this leading group The keen instinct gives Cartier all kinds of bold ideas that the world can see. Cartier: It’s not ordinary in ordinary people. Cartier: It’s not ordinary in ordinary people. The design concept of the first Juste un Clou bracelet was proposed by New York jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo in the 1970s. Aldo Cipullo’s ultimate jewellery design once again reveals the beauty of its simplest form, allowing the object to reveal its true side. The Juste un Clou collection has the power of original fashion, and whether worn on his or her wrist, it can be a symbol of vivid depiction of rebellious spirit and personality. The oval-shaped bracelet is fitted with a stud to create an elegant spirit, unparalleled power and sheer design. Aldo Cipullo, a magical Cartier designer, turned the most mundane hardware into jewelry, surpassing the ordinary. The relationship between Cartier and home furnishings begins with the love between the brand and the jewelry. Precious materials, patterns, crafts, creativity… Cartier’s decorative ornaments are not only closely related to the jewellery process, but also closely related to gold and silver work Van Cleef Arpels Bracelets Fake. Cosmetic cases, lighters, cassettes, bottles, wine glasses, photo frames or card holders… Since the end of the 19th century, these daily treasures have also been displayed in the Paris Peace Street store in Cartier, reflecting the exquisite, beautiful and gorgeous life art. Cartier reinterprets the spirit of interior design in a contemporary style, launching a colourful collection of home furnishings that showcases a bright contemporary style Replica Bvlgari Rings.