True love, when glued together, is inseparable from eternal life. Please wear the wedding ring on your ring finger and keep your lover for life. 1. First, please extend your hand and your palms are opposite. Bend the middle to the bottom and lean back together so that the back of the middle finger is close to the back. Then the other 4 fingers are touched separately. Before starting the game, please make sure that the 5 fingers always allow only one pair to separate. 2. Start the topic below. Please separate your thumbs, the thumbs represent our parents, everyone will die and die, and parents will leave us one day. 3. Please close your thumb and then separate your index finger. The index finger represents the brothers and sisters, they will also have their own family and will leave us. 4. Please close your index finger and separate your little finger. The little finger represents your child. When your child grows up, one day, one day, you will have your own family life and leave us. 5. Then, please close your little finger and try to separate the ring finger. At this time, everyone will be surprised to find out how the ring finger can’t be separated. Because the ring finger represents the husband and wife, it is not separated for a lifetime. Marriage is the best ending in love. When you get married, every couple will choose the ring they like. But according to the survey, the higher the price of the wedding ring, the higher the divorce rate. So why? What is the reason? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian today. Researchers believe that expensive wedding rings and luxury weddings are associated with rising divorce rates, and the reason behind this is the economic pressure that comes with it. A survey of 3,000 married adults by Emory University economics professor at Emory University in Atlanta found that couples who spend between $2,000 and $4,000 on engagement rings have a 1.3-fold higher risk of divorce. Moreover, the researchers also found that couples who spend more than $20,000 on weddings are more likely to divorce 3.5 times more than couples who spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on the day of the wedding. Researchers believe that expensive wedding rings and luxury weddings are associated with rising divorce rates, and the reason behind this is the economic pressure that comes with it. The study found that brides who received a wedding ring worth more than $2,000 complained about a threefold increase in the likelihood of economic pressure from marriage. In contrast, if the price of a wedding ring is less than $1,000, the likelihood of the bride complaining about the pressure on marriage expenses is reduced by 93%. Researchers believe that expensive wedding rings and luxury weddings are associated with rising divorce rates Researchers believe that this survey is conducive to the prevalence of frugality, compared to luxury weddings, the oldest is the most worthy of marriage. The wearing method and meaning of the ring What are the wearing and meaning of the ring? The wearing and meaning of the ring are different in every region. But what is common is that the rings are used as tokens and symbols of love. People use to express love or an emotional state, such as singleness, in love, or marriage. The following describes the wearing and meaning of the ring: Method / step 1. The wearing method and meaning of the Chinese ring According to the custom of our country, the engagement ring is usually worn in the middle finger of the left hand; the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand; if it is an unmarried girl, it should be worn in the middle finger or ring finger of the right hand. The ring can never be worn wrong, otherwise it will make many pursuers discouraged. 2. The wearing method and meaning of the ring in foreign countries In foreign countries, the wearing and meaning of the ring is still somewhat different from that of China. Not wearing a ring also means that ‘the flower has no owner, you can chase me.’ Modern people are not very particular about this set of rules, as long as they like it, it doesn’t matter which finger they wear. According to Western traditional habits, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you. It is related to the heart, so usually the ring is worn on the left hand. The middle finger worn in the left hand is generally in the state of love; the index finger is used to indicate that you want to get married or unmarried; if you want to indicate that you are engaged or married, you should wear it on the ring finger; Put the ring on the little finger. Some people use the simpler words of ‘chasing, seeking, ordering, marrying, and leaving’ to explain the meaning and suggestion of wearing the ring on five fingers. According to Western traditional custom, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, which is associated with the heart. As for the right hand, it is meaningful to have a finger wearing a ring traditionally: that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here means having the heart of a nun. 3. The wearing method and meaning of the men’s ring Wearing a sterling silver ring means that the temperament is mild and easy to move to others. Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to their interests and often have a savvy business mind. Dai jade jade people pay attention to the quality of the quality and rigorous work. 4, the wearing method and meaning of the ladies ring Love pink diamonds or pink corals, rich and romantic. Those who love rubies are passionate. Those who love sapphire or aquamarine are cooler than introverted. Love emerald or Turkish stone, the feelings are weak. How to identify the quality of the ring 1, appearance inspection Whether it is a gold or silver ring, a ring with a treasure ring, or a ring made of any other material, its appearance has certain quality standards Replica Bvlgari Bracelet. First look at the color of the ring is pure, the uniformity of the coating, the gloss.

If the color is even and pure, the color is bright, and the texture is fine, it is a quality product. If there is obvious sputum, the color is chromatic, or the ring of the ring, the ring body, etc. have a dirty phenomenon, it means that the work is rough and the quality is not good. 2, modeling quality It is difficult to observe the quality of the ring with the naked eye. It is generally necessary to identify experienced professionals. However, some links can still be checked. For example, the surface finish of the ring can be touched by hand. If there are small burrs on the surface, the hand feels bad. The solder joints should be smooth and smooth with no obvious marks. If it is a gem-set ring, check to see if the gem is in close contact with the surrounding teeth. The smaller the gap, the better. It is best not to see the gap. Also check that the position of the gem is stable. The smoothness of the teeth and the equal pitch of the teeth can be seen with the naked eye. Regardless of the ring made of any material, the ring must be round, and the ring of raw material is not good. There are many domestic diamond ring brands. In terms of design fashion and production process, the three diamond ring brands such as Clatini, Cartier and Swarovski are the most famous. Among them, Cartier and Swarovski are international brands, and the price is relatively expensive. The markup rate is about 500%. The Clatini diamond ring is a popular domestic brand. The price is relatively moderate, and its beautiful design can satisfy most of the products. Female enthusiasts are pursuing the diamond ring and consumer demand. How to make love last long after marriage Marriage is the best ending in love, but getting married doesn’t mean you don’t have to run a relationship. The management of feelings is inseparable from the use of the mind, the use of the brain, and the use of love. If you want your feelings to be sweet and sweet after marriage, you need to learn a little trick. Today, let’s take a look at how to make feelings last longer after marriage. Marriage is the best ending in love, but marriage does not mean you don’t have to run a relationship. Face-to-wear Even if the twins have disagreements, let alone the husband and wife, the running-in period is a process that every couple must experience, and no one can escape. For example, the beginning of the possibility of life is not harmonious, women use LELO Ola to solve physiological problems and so on. The “run-in period” is the detoxification period of marriage. After experiencing each other’s venting, the life afterwards will become much wider. The focus of the run-in period is to have a good attitude. We must know that every couple must experience the running-in period, correct their mentality, face up to the marriage running-in period, and give them sufficient buffer space. How frustrating you are now, how smooth you will be in the future. Life after marriage is a must pay Marriage is definitely not a play, not a family. It requires the joint efforts and efforts of both of you to make the marriage as perfect as possible. Looking at the happy men and women around them, their happiness in marriage is often a gift from a ‘good attitude.’ Marriage is definitely not a play, not a family. It requires the joint efforts and efforts of both of you. There is no unilateral pay in marriage, only the question of who pays more and less, and this kind of entanglement should not appear in marriage. This is the life after marriage. It requires you to work together to paddle the life of the paddle Replica Cartier Love Bracelets. No one cares about who you are harder. We only care about how far this relationship can go. Inclusive In the end of a marriage, we must be inseparable from each other. This is an indispensable foundation for a perfect marriage. It makes the relationship stronger. Presumably, most couples know how to do it, but it may not be easy to do it. . After the watermelon is eaten, it is not so sweet after all. The feelings are the same. After the years have polished away the passion of marriage, the rest of the day is inseparable. You are no longer a day to kiss me. I can live a little day. Couples, you need more understanding and tolerance, and this tolerance is full of love. Accept everything from TA Since you have chosen this person to spend the rest of your life, then you have to accept everything from the other side, not only the advantages, but also the shortcomings. Regardless of the nationality of the other party, no matter how strange his lifestyle is, this is him, the most authentic, this is the one who will spend the rest of his life with you. If you really love him, then learn to accept him, including his lifestyle. The lifestyle that accompanied a person for twenty or thirty years can not be changed overnight. Before marriage, I will try to ask myself, ‘Can I accept his lifestyle?’ If you can, everything has an answer. Learn some quarrel skills Almost every couple will experience quarrels after marriage. In fact, the quarrel is not terrible. The terrible thing is that after the quarrel, the feelings of the two people are getting less and less. As long as we learn the skills of quarreling, we can make the feelings more and more Well, for example, when you quarrel, learn to calm down for half an hour and then talk to each other, and for example, when you are quarreling, find more reasons from yourself. You will find that quarrels can really bring you closer, provided you use the quarrel. Almost every couple will experience quarreling after marriage. In fact, quarreling is not terrible. How to feel sweet after marriage 1, childlike If you live in your heart for 3 years old, you will never be old. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is best to be a big boy when you return home, watch cartoons, play games, and go to the zoo on weekends to add fun. 2, romantic Don’t think that romance is to send flowers and dance, not to ignore it without time or money. There are many forms of romance, and a trip, a card, can create surprises. 3, humor Humor is the most effective flavoring agent, which not only makes people forget their troubles, but also eliminates contradictions. Make a joke and say a piece, the family atmosphere is a lot easier. 4, relatives Embracing and kissing are essential for enhancing family feelings. Give your child a few hugs every day, take a walk with your lover’s waist, and your home will be full of warmth. 5, love words Say something more ‘meat’, such as ‘You are so good’, ‘I like your meat toot’, the person who listens must be very comfortable. These words are not perfunctory, but the natural expression of deep feelings. Say something more ‘meat’, such as ‘You are so good’, ‘I like your meat toot’, the person who listens must be very comfortable 6, communication Nowadays, many people are busy going home and don’t want to talk, but the lack of communication is a ‘hard injury’ to the family. It is a good idea to set up a ‘communication day’ every week to talk about work, mood, etc., even if they criticize each other, they are better than each other. 7, appreciate Knowing how to praise, the family will continue to be nourished. Pay attention to the progress and advantages of children and family members. Inadvertent recognition will make him or her more responsible. Conclusion: We know that in daily life, the ring is available to everyone, but not many people who know the divorce can know. In fact, in life, the ring leads to divorce is just an excuse. Most of them are because of differences and contradictions in their lives. So everyone should know more about each other when they get along.