Five cute earrings enrich the classic BVLGARI BVLGARI collection with white mother-of-pearl, black onyx, carnelian, green malachite or pavé diamonds. Each earring can be purchased separately, and fashionistas can boldly match different color items, keeping up with the current mix of earrings and highlighting the fashionable taste Bulgari B Zero Replica Ring. The new BVLGARI BVLGARI series of ice cream jewels are enticing and mouth-watering, paying tribute to the popular dessert theme created by Bulgari in the 1980s. They use the precious gems to create a creamy ice cream cone and ice cream brooch. The inspiration for the ice cream jewellery design draws from the Roman Sorbets series launched in 2016. The surface of the ice cream is as creamy and sleek, and it is a fascinating interpretation of the simple and enduring tongue-in-cheap feast in the hot summer of Rome.

The bright gems are like the lush Italian sleigh, and the coolness brings a sweet moment of ‘to the cool, happy and happy’. Warm and lustrous mother-of-pearl, magnificent and clear malachite and soft and calm onyx, all kinds of rare stones make every ice cream bracelet, brooch and ring come to life. Even if it is small and delicate Replica Jewelry, the ice cream series can evoke the Italian logo. Sexual temperament, praise Italy’s sweet enthusiasm, joy and unrestrained, happy life attitude Replica Love Bracelets Cartier. The seductive ice cream series is designed to bite off the corner of the image, but inadvertently conveys the praise of women’s relaxed life attitude, they are bold and fearless, throwing away the worldly, arbitrarily showing themselves, living a simple and pure innocence.