The right way to buy a necklace The neck chain of the neck, also known as the short necklace, is hung outside the neckline of the shirt, and the chest chain of the chest is also called the long necklace. The products sold in the jewelry market in China are generally the most common pearl necklaces and gemstone necklaces of 42 cm and 54 cm. The long jade necklace of 107 cm (such as olivine, garnet, crystal, hibiscus, emerald, turquoise) Also known as thick materials such as jade and agate, this long necklace is often loved by tall, charismatic women; a few women of medium build have long necklaces in two turns (one circle long Replica Cartier Love Bracelets, one circle) Short) worn on the chest, but also quite distinctive. Pay attention to the purchase of necklaces: 1, pay attention to the length of the necklace and the color and particle size of the beads, combined with their age and hobbies to choose; 2, pay attention to the quality of the beads (including the quality of jade and processing technology), such as the bead chain of the same grain should be checked whether a certain grain is too large or too small, such as the small end of the chain buckle and the middle gradually Tower-shaped chain, it should pay attention to whether the beads on the whole chain suddenly become larger or smaller; if it is a necklace with beads, it is necessary to carefully check whether the small beads between each two beads are defective; Check the roundness and completeness of each bead, including cracks and flaws; 3, pay attention to the form and quality of the cufflinks, the domestic jade necklace buckles are commonly available in the form of screw buckles (brass or white plastic) and buckles, generally with screw buckles are safer and more durable; card deduction is not high quality Otherwise, it is often vulnerable. Women have an insatiable love and love for clothing and jewelry. Choosing the right jewelry can add points to the costumes, and it can also make them live. Let’s see how the necklace fits the cheongsam! Such a bead chain necklace, combined with the same color cheongsam, makes the cheongsam add a sense of agility, less serious. A circle of pearl necklaces, luxurious, simple, atmospheric, is also a classic match of cheongsam, many stars wearing cheongsam will choose such a necklace to match. Two or more round pearl necklaces are also a good choice. Concluded the elegant temperament of the woman, with the style of the Republic of China, a smile is heart-warming. The jade necklace is also an excellent match for cheongsam. Whether it is emerald or pink jade, it makes people look gentle and gentle, with a gentle feeling. Intricate metal necklaces or inlaid with diamonds, or inlaid with jade, or just metal, can also be well matched with cheongsam, elegant and elegant The day to share with you this tutorial is a beautiful and fresh hand-made. If the materials are available, it would be a pleasure to make such a necklace pendant at home on weekends. It is also more suitable for wearing this summer. Material: For the bottom plate, use a canvas, a cloth such as linen, or a thick paper for painting. Let’s see for yourself, or recommend using cloth, which is longer. In addition to the cloth on the bottom plate, scissors, brushes, and acrylic paint are required. If you make a necklace, you need some metal fasteners. Of course, how to use your own, choose your own accessories. The basic idea is: first draw the basic type of feather on the paper or cloth, then use the brush to add paint to start painting, a little color feeling is also very important, if not, then follow the picture. Finally, the construction can be done. Beautiful and beautiful feather necklace pendant decoration handmade tutorial – indifferent – indifferent Necklaces are very popular accessories for women. There are many kinds of necklaces, such as K gold, platinum, sterling silver, gold and so on. There are also many styles of necklaces. Wearing a pair of necklaces can not only modify the neck, but also make the neck longer and thinner, and the finishing touch! First, what are the meanings of sending a necklace? Necklace Story: The representative will lock you tightly, I hope that you are the only one in your heart. The wearing part of the necklace is very close to the heart, and the necklace will have a lock action, which means that the other party does not want you to be taken away by others, and wants to accompany you for the rest of your life. Boys send girls necklaces if they represent ‘love’, girls send boys necklaces to represent this person wants to firmly cover you, expressing her love and cherish for you. If it is a single, friend stage, then send a necklace, on behalf of ‘I want to fall in love with you’, the necklace homonym is a love, the representative wants to develop further relationships. If it is a couple, then send a necklace, which means to hold on to each other. Identify the length of the necklace in one second The length of the necklace can be said to be the finishing touch in the overall match. When buying a necklace online, if there is no real shot of the model, is it difficult to estimate the approximate length? Then, save this picture! By comparing the pictures, you can know which part of our body is probably worn after wearing it. Short chain ( clavicle chain ) Embellished with a delicate woman! The length is 14-16 inches, which is 35-40cm, called the ‘short necklace’. TIPS: The length of the necklace hangs just below the collarbone, and it has a circular arc shape, which makes the woman look more delicate and feminine. Daily life and dinner can be worn! Public type chain Small V face that was immediately modified The length is 17-19 inches, which is 43-48cm, which is called ‘princess necklace’. TIPS: Princess necklace is very suitable for late summer and early autumn, can be used with low collar and more exaggerated neckline, since it can modify the face, it is also a big European and American brand! Ma Tianni type item chain It’s up to you to stretch your body and lift the gas field! The length is 20-24 inches, which is 50-60cm, which is called ‘Matianni Necklace’. TIPS: The length of the top of the chest is very suitable for the shorter neck MM~ the body is also quite a gas field. Opera type chain Necklaces can also be stacked! The length is 28-34 inches, which is 71-86cm, which is called ‘opera necklace’. TIPS: On the wearing method, you can make a knot at the neckline or above the chest. This kind of retro element is becoming a fashion. Of course, you can also wear a necklace with different lengths, and the return rate is also very high! Knot rope type chain Personality \u0026 elegance are correct! More than 45 inches in length, which is 114cm, is called a ‘knot necklace.’ TIPS: The length is just in our navel position, and the elegant and sexy long necklace is suitable for wearing a variety of dinners. Today’s fashionistas will also choose their exaggerated length for personal matching. Third, what are the skills to wear a necklace? 1, pay attention to the style of the road, the size is accurate. The size of the necklace depends on the person, the neck is thick, the size is larger, and vice versa. The collar is high, the size of the necklace should not be too long, otherwise the pendant should not be exposed to a sweater with a word collar, but only a necklace, not with a pendant; wearing a three-lap collar and a high-neck sweater, a sweater, a necklace to wear outside the clothes There should be no burrs on the pendant to avoid rubbing against each other. 2, we must consider the decorative effect, clothing matching. If you want to wear the pendant on the necklace, the necklace should not be too long and too thick. If you only consider the beauty of the necklace, you should also pay attention to the style of the necklace and the style of the clothing, some with a single string, and some with a multi-string. 3, we must pay attention to the matching effect of different materials. Different materials will have different effects when matched with different clothing styles. If you wear a red suit skirt and a gold necklace, it is warm and suitable for occasions such as festive banquets; if you wear a sky blue polyester georgette dress, match one The platinum necklace will look gentle and cheerful, and sometimes charming; sometimes on a tight-fitting sports dress with a gold necklace, it will make you more light and lively; if you wear a light green and white small flower polyester The georgette dress with a silver-white pearl necklace will make you full of clear and cool atmosphere; if you wear a clean white with a red bead chain, it will look even more beautiful and charming. 4, several jewelry should coordinate with each other The necklace should be worn with the same color, the same quality earrings or bracelets, so you can get the best results. If the collar of the shirt is two bows, it is best not to wear a necklace, otherwise there will be a sense of cumbersomeness. When wearing a necklace, you should also pay attention to a switch called a confluence circle on the necklace Replica Cartier Jewelry. This switch is equipped with a wire uranium spring. When the wheel is moved, it should not be used too hard to prevent the spring from breaking. 5, collar matching skills V-neck This is a clever style, such a neckline is very simple and clear. It is suitable for wearing a modern and fashionable necklace. The pendant is suitable for hanging between the neck and the neckline. Be careful not to let the pendant be covered by clothing or tightly attached to the throat. High-necked In terms of daily wear, the necklace worn on the high round neck is too exaggerated. But a thin collar that fits the neck, you can add a round necklace on the outside of the collar to make the lines match. Small lapel Wearing a small lapel dress If the necklace is too short, the clothes that were originally small will make people feel more crowded; the necklace is too long and will be covered by clothes. Therefore, it is advisable to have the length of the necklace to the middle of the opening of the collar. One-neck collar A slightly loose collar with a simple necklace is better, and the collar and the one-piece collar are perfect. You should choose a necklace that crosses the neckline, which will look very beautiful, and if the necklace is too long, it will not respond to the collar and lose its proper effect. Complex collars When wearing a collared garment with a complex structure, choose a necklace of a certain amount to achieve a certain balance with the exposed skin. If the necklace used is too thin, the texture will be insufficient and the neck will appear empty. The small round neck can be matched with a slightly longer necklace, so that the pendant of the necklace hangs under the collar. At this time, the contrast between the color of the necklace and the color of the clothes can be highlighted. 6, wear a necklace according to the body shape If you are taller, you can choose to wear a long necklace, which is more temperament and charming; the body is petite, it is recommended to wear a short necklace, which is exquisite and pleasant; the neck is slender and suitable for wearing a short necklace, which highlights the swan neck; Dyte’s large, exaggerated necklace will make the neck shorter and thicker; don’t just hold the neck, the necklace is long, and the neck line can be stretched. Fourth, how to maintain the necklace? 1. Sleep at night, remember to take off the necklace and put it alone in the jewelry box to avoid the necklace colliding with other jewelry, causing wear and tear. 2, the necklace of different materials should not be put together, because the hardness is different, easy to rub and damage, affecting the gloss of the necklace Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. 3. Regularly clean the necklace. It is best to use the jewellery cleaner sold on the market. Generally, it needs to be cleaned every six months. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best shine and is more durable. 4. When cleaning the necklace, put the necklace in a mixture of soap and warm water, then wipe it with a soft cloth strip. 5. If there is a crack in the necklace that can be discerned by the naked eye, or a natural oxide layer is formed on the surface, the platinum necklace can be taken to a regular jeweler for polishing. 6. When wearing a necklace, don’t let it touch bleached or irritating chemicals. Although these can’t cause damage to platinum, it can discolor the stones on the necklace. 7. When you are wearing clothes, especially when wearing sweaters or knitted clothes, pay more attention to not letting the thread of the clothes wrap around the necklace and tearing the necklace off; 8, like a necklace, we must learn how to maintain it, in order to extend the life of jewelry, better to accompany you. Source: Headline Jun network finishing editor, intrusion, reprint, please indicate the source.