The flowers accidentally dropped my life, and I picked up one to raise it. This accidental moment reminds me of us yesterday. In April, there was no snow, but it was snowing. This is amazing. Let the pines and cypresses in April burn themselves in new clothes. I am standing under the tree, holding a flower umbrella and waiting. The person who had never met Bulgari rings replica, for a long time, I passed him by, but no one knows who, this is what embarrassment. I opened the address book of my mobile phone Replica Cartier Jewelry, looked for his phone, dialed it, and I realized that the person who had just walked across the street was him. I turned and saw that he also turned and just came face to face. He embarrassed to raise his hand and said hello to me. Excuse me, are you? Yes, it’s me. You are the one… well, I am very glad to meet you. This is our first sight. Then he took me to the museum. He walked beside me. I felt a little uncomfortable and slowed down Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry Replica. He also saw my thoughts and kept a little distance from me. In a place where the steps intersected the road, I accidentally scratched it, just as his hand held my arm and did not fall. A warm current runs through my body,

and I have a feeling that I have never had before. But very quickly, his hand was withdrawn, and I hid aside. When I crossed the road, I saw him without a car and I was shouted by him and watched the traffic lights. I sighed and pulled back to the side of the road. I am a bit strange to him. However, when he was looking at him, his face was still a bright smile. Soon, we came to the museum. We planned to go shopping. Later, we changed our plan and went to a place where the sun just came in. The warm round glass table was set with a pot of flowers, elegant. The environment makes the mood extremely calm. We started to talk and talk about life. From his words, I heard the love of life, architecture, archaeology. He said that the head is the way, so that this person who has never been involved is a bit cautious. He finished. Tell me not to be nervous, you also come to talk about your story. I want to sit and sit still, then talk about my life last summer. I said, he kept nodding, a very cute listener. Meeting and meeting each other is the starting point for knowing each other. Later, we gradually became familiar with each other and became a couple. He cares about me every day. We study together, eat together, say love, more like family, he is smaller than me, I always have a feeling of protecting my brother. But at least the relationship is relatively harmonious. However, the world is unpredictable, an accident has greatly reduced our feelings. He still cares about me as a baby, but I can’t make him happy. I broke up several times and let him refuse one by one. I don’t know if it’s a chance to meet, or whether it’s an age difference, or if you want to get people. I always feel that there is a deep and deep gap, which makes us become parallel lines, but they are close to each other. Love, happiness when you come, sweet and sour in the process, maybe we haven’t really tasted happiness yet. At this moment, some petals fall on my head, pick one, want to raise it, tell me, my Where is love?