And the girl’s hair has turned into a beautiful golden Yan Tianxia, ​​Dream Purple Keep you waiting for true love. light yellow Waiting is a touch of light yellow Light yellow hope, light yellow infatuation Chunyan is a cluster of light yellow Light yellow, pale yellow dawn Waiting for Chunyan Is an intoxicating view Especially when you wear it DZ0004 Product Name: Swan Dream Product Description: Gorgeous crystal Replica Cartier Love Bracelets, cylindrical cone perfect combination, tens of millions of edges reflect a dreamlike world; and above this world, sitting on the sleeping little swan, does it dream of me? Product Story: I have always been obsessed with watching ballet. When those little swan are on tiptoe, they will perfectly capture the dignity and liveliness Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. At that moment, they will feel all the beauty and love. Like the first love, he said to be my Spider-Man, while weaving happiness, while guarding my happiness, this is a dream, sleep in the heart of the dream. Slogan: The first flowers in the dream. Sleeping color What color is it when you are asleep? What color is when dreaming? What color is it after the dream wakes up? Kind little swan said Its dream is a light yellow letterhead product description: texture K gold,

gorgeous crystal, wisdom of the hand to reach the circle of happiness pool, attracting attention in the intentional and unintentional, hindsight, and happiness, it is also at your fingertips. Product Story: If people’s hearts are an acre, then love is a seed that never dries Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. Let this pair of hands enter everyone’s heart, don’t be beautiful under the neck, there is a place where happiness blooms. Slogan: Happiness is at your fingertips Sandalwood DZ0006 Product Name: Linglong Doll Product Description: The crystal doll that is about to fly wings holds the circle of wisdom and silver. The simplicity and complexity of the autumn show the richness of autumn, the color is bright and full, and the form is vivid. Product story: ‘My name is Maidoudou, my grandmother is called Mrs. Mai, I like sesame oil chicken most, I like to eat chicken fart…’ McDull has a birthmark on the left eye, likes to eat chicken legs, only eat meat and not eat. Dish and sleepy. Cute and exquisite things are always like people, simple, honest, optimistic, and no competition in the world is the exquisite doll wants to express. Slogan: Exquisite doll, want you to be cute.