• bvlgari wedding ring fake style

Bvlgari couple ring, there are bvlgari wedding ring. bvlgari wedding ring style which? What is the style of marriage? Here to give you some money on the ring-style Daquan, ready to buy fake bvlgari yellow gold ring new people, you can refer to Oh! Stylish neutral bvlgari wedding ring, the face of a wide, more texture of the style, drawing the surface treatment, even more metallic texture; fake bvlgari rings on sale inside the unique circular surface slightly raised to the fingers to bring the best comfort, Breathable not hand, suitable for more handsome girls choose. Three-dimensional ring arm bvlgari wedding ring, this style of marriage on the ring face is relatively high, the side of the fish edge design can modify the fingers meticulous, three-dimensional bvlgari  replica jewelry arm can be a good modification of hand and stretch visual effects, slightly Sensual hand type is more suitable for such a ring. Curved bvlgari wedding ring, curved replica bvlgari pink gold ring arm, the most with the ring finger hand, can be a good fit with the pulp, with the height of the fingers between the poor, comfortable to wear; this marriage on the general type of male models simple, Women are meticulous, is a lot of people like the style, mainly married to the ring style, I do not know what to choose, this style wear comfortable. Regular round surface of the bvlgari wedding ring, the above can be set with a small drill, you can also set a lot of broken drill, or can also use the bulgari white gold ring knock off of the ring style, simple and generous and suitable for normal wear.