What is postmodern style? It is in the constant innovation, in the classic design, the modern design concept of modern people is added. Let the beautiful items become more fashionable under special processing, which is the favorite of the modern girl. The short necklace is no longer just a single chain plus a small jewelry, but a large area of ​​fashion items on a chain, making it more full, more in line with the current women’s fashion taste. The colorful gemstone necklace makes people feel good and very stylish, suitable for all kinds of beautiful clothes. Some MM may worry about the weight problem. After all, wearing a very heavy necklace for a long time, the neck will be sore. However, this necklace does not need to worry about it, because it uses a post-modern and environmentally friendly material. After special processing, it forms cracks on the surface, which is delicate and lovely. Beautiful network Xiaobian suggestion] This necklace is very versatile, but if you want to choose a dress, it is recommended to wear a Korean style. For example, a straight dress with a large round neck with 5 sleeves or 7 sleeves, the skirt is best clean, without any pattern, the belt is also omitted. With this necklace, it will be very delicate, beautiful and generous, and the beautiful net small series will choose the sky blue dress Replica Cartier Jewelry, which really makes people’s pleasing ‘colorful’. Candy color is the heat of this year, and mint green is a weapon for people to compete. This necklace has been added to the essential colors of this spring and summer, which proves that its taste is fashionable. The diamond-cut surface is three-dimensional and has no conflict with the golden chain. It also gives a particularly fresh and lovely feeling. [Beautiful network Xiaobian suggestion] Because the color of this necklace is very simple, it is not recommended to wear clothes of the same color, nor is it recommended to wear colorful printed shirts. The best match is white, because white and mint green are always the best partner, always creating a fresh cream. Can be worn with white shirt + yellow bag hip skirt, white T-shirt + blue chiffon 9 pants, and white dress, do not wear lace with clothes, careful chain will be entangled with lace! Geometric necklace, inlaid with colorful gems, Han Fan is full. The jewels of different sizes are spliced ​​together, very natural and no exaggeration. Bronze plating gives the necklace a vintage nostalgic taste, although the style is a bit old, but very versatile. A little European-American style Buy Replica Cartier love bracelet, but also a national style necklace, a necklace can actually combine the styles of several countries, really let people put it down. [Beautiful network Xiaobian suggestion] Xiaobian tells you with a professional fashion eye. If this necklace is black, it will definitely attract the attention of everyone and become the focus of the spotlight. For many years, Givenchy and Chanel, they all prefer black. Because black mysterious sexy, fashion wild, is the well-deserved trump card in the fashion industry. With a velvet waist long dress, fishtail skirt, one-piece collar with a small sexy collar, with this necklace, will make you noble. If it is a black velvet top + black silk tutu, you are a modern replica of Audrey Hepburn, cute and cute. The geometric pattern of the necklace is a favorite item of the modern girl. The rectangular cut, the screw-shaped metal rod, is a little exaggerated at first glance, but the upper body will make you feel the exquisite and lovely tone in its atmosphere. Japanese and Korean street beats often appear this necklace now, magazine models love it, how can you not be a fashionista! [Beautiful network Xiaobian suggestion] Because the main color on the necklace is black, Xiaobian can only say that no matter what clothes you wear, it can be easily controlled. It is recommended to avoid large-scale printing as much as possible. If there are too many bright spots in the clothes, it will steal the limelight of the necklace and make it dull. Simple T-shirt + jeans, shirt + hip skirt, dress and jumpsuit are good choices, the simpler the clothes, the more the necklace will add to the fashion!