Bulgari also bought a gorgeous long necklace with 50-carat sapphire, a 40th birthday gift from Burton to Taylor. Lucia Boscaini, the Bulgari brand and collector curator, said: ��The antique collections are invaluable to us because they condense the essence of Bulgari, highlighting our constant innovation while staying afloat The ability to distinctively characterize the brand. If you want to know more about Bulgari and understand its origins and fascinating style evolution, the collection of antiques is not to be missed.�� As in the past, today’s collection of antiques is still creating Bulgari. (Bulgari) The most representative brand image: international movie stars wearing Bulgari jewelry, shining on the red carpet in Cannes and Oscar, their photos is published in newspapers and magazines around the world. Bulgari’s main store, the DOMVS ‘Bulgari House’ exhibition hall, was presented as the exclusive exhibition space for the Bulgari Antique Collection. It has traveled the world’s Bulgari Antique Collections to showcase its brilliance in exhibitions and trademark retrospectives around the world.

Now they are in an eternal home, and the collection of antique collections here will be updated regularly to tell the world about Bulgari’s brand story Van Cleef & Arpels Replica  Jewelry. Recently, Bulgari held the inauguration ceremony for the DOMVS ‘Bulgari House’ exhibition hall Replica Cartier Love Bracelets. The showroom is situated in the second floor of the Bulgari Global Flagship Store at 10 Condotti Avenue. After the redesign of Peter Marino, this legendary jewellery hall with more than a century of history has been renewed, with the second floor being the exclusive display space. DOMVS. DOMVS is derived from the Latin ‘home’, which names this exhibition hall carrying the soul and blood of Bulgari, demonstrating its intimate and passionate quality. DOMVS is a showroom, a living room, and a treasure trove of Bulgari treasures. The collections of the Heritage Collection are present, complementing the vicissitudes of photos and design manuscripts, telling Bulgari Brand story and style evolution. In commemoration of the completion of the DOMVS ‘Bulgari House’ exhibition hall, Bulgari specially set the theme of the opening exhibition at ‘Roman Heritage’.