Cartier’s classics, such as the ‘Tank Watch Series’, were designed to commemorate the tankers in ‘World War I’ and were first sold in 1919. Their harmonious and simple shape is still sought after by the fashion world. In 1924, Cartier designed the unique and deep-looking Cartier three-ring ring for the famous poet JeanCocteau. We don't specifically design products for a certain group of countries or regions. Because customers know that Cartier is an international brand, if you design products for consumers in a certain region Replica Cartier Love Bracelets, it will affect the image of the brand. Cartier China North China Zhang Wei, deputy general manager, said, But we will get inspiration from the culture of each place when designing products Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry. In 2003, Cartier launched the  Dragon Kiss jewelry collection Replica Jewelry, all inspired by Chinese traditional culture and art. Some of the simplest ordinary things in everyday life such as knots, wind chimes, buckles and classic ‘dragon’ styles are transformed into jewellery treasures that symbolize happiness and auspiciousness,

success and permanence. Since its founding in 1847, Cartier has maintained close and close contacts with the royal family and celebrities of various countries. For ordinary people, the lives of royalty and celebrities are mysterious and desirable. As a result, every customer of Cartier has become its free spokesperson, which is also an important source of the Cartier brand story. No matter what channel you know about Cartier, you will hear a story: In December 1936, the British King Edward VIII, who had been succeeding for less than a year, decided to abdicate in order to marry Mrs. Simpson, the American civilian woman who had divorced twice. Edward VI’s younger brother, George VI, succeeded him and awarded him the title of Duke of Windsor. To express his love, the Duke of Windsor instructed Cartier to design four jewels for the Duchess of Windsor, the ‘Cheetah’ brooch, the ‘BIB’ necklace, the ‘Tiger’ long-handled spectacles and the ‘Duck Head’ brooch. Due to the beautiful and moving story behind it, and the status of Cartier’s first animal jewellery, the ‘Cheetah’ brooch has almost become the iconic product of Cartier, which has made Cartier’s ‘Cheetah’ series many times more numerous. I love it.